We Pay Attention To Every Student

The whole point of having tutoring sessions is to ensure that there are ample opportunities for 2-way feedback about students' learning and tutors' delivery. With frequent informal feedback from our tutors, our students do not need to wait for results from formal tests or exams before realizing where they stand. This is our way of cultivating the good habit of continuous learning.

Our Model

We mark every student's answers

We don't just distribute model answers of practice questions. We actually mark each student's answers to ensure that the scientific meanings don't get conveyed wrongly by ill-constructed sentence structures.

We are accessible

We are reachable via WhatsApp, even after tutoring hours, in case our students need some last minute clarifications.

We find various ways to motivate

Learning is most effective when learners are self-motivated. That is why we find different ways to unlock different student's intrinsic motivation for learning.

We identify each student's style

We use different methods to explain the same science or math concept to different students, depending on what each student can identify with best.

What Our Students Say

“After going through all of the fundamentals which most of us thought we truly understood, we found out that there were many misunderstandings that we didn’t knew exist, which the lessons helped to clear, whilst reinforcing the correct concepts.”
Valerie Teong
Class of 2017
"Yalin has a unique approach to teaching, and the various topics are broken down in an extremely understandable way, which makes learning fun."
Charmaine Keasberry
Class of 2014

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